Life in the City: Before and After

Prior to moving to New York I had this idea of how I wanted to live my life there. It may have been just a dream, but it was what I wanted to do. In my four and a half years since coming to New York, my life has worked out a bit differently, although suffice it to say that things have worked out very well for me and my family. But I am a part of the bridge and tunnel crowd, which was not part of the plan. I wanted an apartment in the city with a view and I wanted a balcony. Each morning prior to leaving to work I was going to enjoy some breakfast on my balcony (with a nice view, mind you) while I read the morning WSJ. When ready, I would then walk to work, even up to one mile, since walking in the city is such an enjoyable experience, especially during the morning rush hour. I knew I would work long hours, but that was the life of the industry I was entering. I would enjoy the city on the weekends that I didn’t work and I would exercise as much as possible. That was going to be my life.

The reality is that I live outside of Manhattan and am married with a daughter. I rush out the door each morning without reading the WSJ most days and am a slave to the whims and delays of a commuter train. I still work the long hours and don’t always have a chance to enjoy the city on the weekends. I am considering buying a house outside of the city and will be lucky to have much of a view at all. Life, one might think, has gone not according to plan.

Yet, it has. I still am in the city each day and my office has nice views from the 39th floor. I rather (and need to) spend time with my family on the weekends instead of the city and get what exercise I can. All in all, I cannot complain and have learned that life cannot always go according to plan, but it can go well.


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