Beautiful Seattle

Every time I’m in Seattle I am impressed with its beauty. Growing up there I didn’t always appreciate the beauty in the area. There are few other places in this country where one can live with a moderate climate, instant access to a major ocean and nearby mountains. San Francisco and Portland are two other locations that come to mind immediately (as does Kobe, Japan, one of Seattle’s sister cities). I was only in Seattle for a few days this past weekend, but had the chance to do quite a bit of driving around the area. There are few inner-city drives as pretty as the drive west on I-90 from Bellevue across Mercer Island and the floating bridges on a clear fall day. As for beautiful city views, try heading south on I-5 from North Seattle at sunset as you approach the central business district and downtown. The setting purple sun will be to the west, just behind the Olympic Mountains, casting its glare on the Puget Sound. Although the lights of the city are on, the sky is still light enough to allow one to clearly view Mt. Rainer in the distance, snowcapped and majestic, yet close enough to appear as if keeping watch over its city. It is one of my favorite drives, provided that it’s not rush hour and I’m stuck in traffic. New York has its beauty too, but Seattle’s natural and manmade beauty is hard to beat.


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