Snowy Halloween

Another Halloween is upon us. For the past many years on Halloween I have walked through the streets of New York and even the halls of Grand Central Terminal only to find all kinds of goblins, ghouls and freaks (or at least noticeably more so than on a normal day in the city). But this year I am reminded of another Halloween five years ago. I was in Salt Lake City at the time and decided to spend Halloween with my girlfriend and her younger cousins. They dressed up in their costumes and we took them out trick-or-treating around their cozy neighborhood. The weather was cold and as soon as we stepped outside it started snowing. “Snow?” I thought. “But it’s still October.” Having spent the prior three years in Hawaii, freezing weather in October, yet alone snow, was a bit hard to deal with, if only mentally. I missed the shorts and sandals and the proximity to the beach, even in October.

Needless to say, however, we were some of the few people out in the neighborhood that cold Halloween night five years ago and had a great time as the snow quickly started accumulating around our feet. When the kids had collected what we deemed to be enough candy, we returned to their house to warm up. It was a memorable experience and one that resurfaced today as I think of Halloweens of my recent past.


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