My Vote in 2008

I clearly remember November 1, 2004, the eve of the 2004 Presidential Election. I was in law school and had a class that went until about 7:30 in the evening. I remember walking with a guy from that class to the subway near the Brooklyn Bridge while discussing the presidential election the following morning. The campaigns had gone on long enough and everyone was anxious to go to the polls. Well, the presidential campaigns of the past eighteen months have put 2004 to shame. Tomorrow is a historic day in this country, and once again, no matter who is elected, close to half of the country may feel upset and cheated. Sure, such an occurrence happens every four years, but this year feels different. Who, after all, felt as strongly for Kerry as people today feel for Obama?

I have followed this campaign quite closely since January and now the day for me to vote is here. Tomorrow I will go across the street to my local library and cast my ballot. I may have longer-than-usual lines to wait in and already know which way my state’s Electoral College votes will go, but I am voting to be heard and to exercise the right that people have fought so hard for. I am neither Republican nor Democrat and was undecided until several weeks ago. But I have made my decision. I will be voting for Obama. My reasons are my own and are not worth noting here, but I am proud to vote for the Senator from Illinois. In looking at all of the current benchmarks, he should be our next POTUS. I just hope I can feel good about that decision four years from now as I will again be preparing to go to the polls.

November 4 Election Day Update: I waited in line for an hour and a half this morning with my neighbors, but my vote is cast and I am proud to have voted.

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