Election Night Thoughts

Some say I will always remember where I was when I found out that Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. Hopefully I always will, for yesterday could mark a turning point in the world. I was quite moved with the events of last night, not just because the Senator I voted for was elected, but because of the country’s and the world’s response to an Obama victory. Never in my life have I seen anything like it. It was like one of those summer Hollywood blockbusters where the world is saved from imminent doom and nations and peoples around the world celebrate and rejoice. Last night was no small event; it was more significant than I thought an Obama victory would be. Senator McCain’s speech was appropriate and, in my mind, his best speech of the entire campaign because he regained his voice and confidence and felt no need to pander for votes and be someone he was not. But last night was Obama’s night. After his inspiring speech, the music from one of my favorite movies came on, “Remember the Titans,” and I was proud to be a part of twenty-first century history.

Ultimately, however, I voted for Obama for the reasons in which one NYT commenter described so powerfully. She writes the following:  

I am no fool and don’t believe that perfect policy will spring from any president’s performance, but I am hopeful. I watched McCain’s concession speech and applauded his classiness. Even so, I noticed the homogeneous Phoenix crowd and mentally compared it to the veritable rainbow coalition in Chicago and found myself that much more grateful that intelligence, candor, and competence which will represent us ALL have found their way back into our center of government. Congratulations, President-elect Obama.

– Tiffany, Oakland, CA

Whether I agree with all of Obama’s policies or not is beside the point; it’s not like I agree with all of McCain’s either. But like Tiffany mentions above, Obama made me proud to be an American and represents the multiethnic and hopeful country that I know. Thank you for your dedication the past twenty months, President Obama. You have made us all proud.

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