Two Months Away; Two on the Way

It’s amazing how quickly young children can change. Due to a variety of circumstances, my wife and I decided to send our young daughter to her grandparent’s house in California for two months while we completed what we needed to back in New York. After not seeing her for two months, she returned last week. Thankfully she remembered me after not seeing me for two months and had no hesitation at all towards me. But man, did she grow and learn during the time we were not together. She can understand much better and is good at repeating whatever we tell her (hopefully a sign of good things to come). Her language abilities at eighteen months old are quite impressive when compared to other kids her age and I give credit to her grandma for daily and diligent instruction. And just when we’re learning how we can successfully juggle two demanding jobs while raising a child, we will need to learn to double our efforts, as we will be having our second child in April of next year. We will soon know if it’s a boy or a girl, but number two is on his or her way. If you have any good name ideas for either a boy or a girl, send them my way.