For the past eighteen months we have had an angel looking out for us. Her name is Cathy and we met her in our apartment building. Since we first met she has never ceased to amaze us and has consistently been providing us with care and much-needed help week after week. When my wife and I return from a long day at work, starving, but not knowing what to do for food, Cathy knocks on the door with several dishes of warm food she has just prepared. When we need to quickly borrow something for our daughter, but are not sure if we if should buy the product, Cathy is there to lend hers with no complaints from her child. We often feel bad for all the work she does for us and feel the need to repay her. We’ve tried. Any gifts or sign of thoughtfulness we give to Cathy is returned to us twofold. Money never seems to be an issue for Cathy and we haven’t figured out why, as she doesn’t work and her husband does not have a job that should provide extensively for them at this point in his career. But money is definitely not an obstacle for them (i.e. one weekend they decided they needed a second car and came back with a 2008 Lexus). It is because of the time and resources she has, however, that allows her to bless our lives. She is thoughtful, remembers everything my wife says (unlike me, where I am never accused of being a great listener) and has perfect timing. She is, in effect, our angel. Cathy is moving to Boston next summer and we will sorely miss her friendship, not to mention her bright smile and constant care. Thank you for all you do for us Cathy.

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