Mr. President, How Long Will it Take?

Last week’s BusinessWeek magazine reported that Saudi Arabia is currently spending over $600 billion to build King Abdullah Economic City and China is currently putting $563 billion into its country’s infrastructure. This is not to mention the billions the South Koreans are spending on Songdo, the future hub of Northeast Asia. Meanwhile, our government is bailing out the world’s largest banks with money that we don’t have and no certainty that its actions will quell future economic downturns. This is, of course, while our infrastructure is crumbling nationwide. Is there any wonder that numerous books have come out this year alone declaring the end of America hegemony. The freedom this country provides is still unsurpassed, but the lifestyle is not what it used to be (I have even contemplated moving my family overseas just so that my daughter can obtain a better education and my wife will feel safer on the streets around our home). I’m afraid that the U.S. is close to being left behind to the point where catching up with much of the world becomes very difficult. As such, the next five years are critical. How many jobs can really be created with a new green energy revolution and how series will most Americans view such a push into alternative energy? How will the auto industry in this country be resurrected or, at a minimum, replaced? What will President Obama ask of the American people – what sacrifices, what goals? How long will it take to begin building up our country with the resources that are currently being spent in Iraq? November 4th proved that the American dream lives, but it has been buried by debt and all of us as taxpayers are left with the bill. How long, I wonder, will it take before we can again feel that we the best country that we can be?


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