Switzerland Travels – Round Two

After a relaxing solo trip from New York to Zurich, I have been enjoying Switzerland this week. The weather is not as cold as I thought it was going to be and feels essentially the same as New York. There is less snow here than I thought (which I good) and I have been busy, which helps since I don’t have much else to do. The problem is that everything closes so early. I left work last night at almost 8:00 pm. In walking around the town from my office, I found it difficult to get some food. And not only that, most everything closes late in the afternoon on Saturday and almost nothing is open on Sunday. Good thing I have some books to read and have found two English TV stations. But despite the inconvenience of few things being open late in the evening, Switzerland is a nice country, as I noted during my last trip here in September. It’s safe, clean and organized. It’s just expensive. Sure, Europe can be expensive, but costs in Switzerland are high for Europe. After living in the U.S., everywhere seems high (and I even live in New York). Taxes in the U.S. may go up, but we buy gas by the gallon and not the liter and stores like Costco help families like mine stock up on what we want for reasonable prices. I can’t imagine what families’ food budgets must be here. Of course, they eat less meat and snacks and hence I have seen very few overweight people here. Too bad I cannot say the same for the U.S.

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