The Journey Continues

I have been busier at work in Switzerland than I have been in New York. Each morning I wake up early, have breakfast at my hotel and walk the few miles up the road to my office in the cold, dark morning. Fourteen hours later or so, I walk back to the hotel, hardly seeing the sun each day. But I have had a good time here the past two weeks, even if I am ready to return home to New York. I have spent time with good friends, attended the wildest company-sponsored holiday party I have ever seen, and have learned how to do my job better. I am not sure when I will be out here next, but I am likely to come out again at least once next year. And while I recognize that Switzerland is a nice country, it is not my favorite country. But if this trip taught me anything it is that the company you’re with for the journey makes all the difference.

One Response

  1. Jerry – I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to tell you how enjoyable it has been sitting here reading a little bit of it – you are very thoughtful in your writing. I know we haven’t actually talked since like junior high sunday school or something like that, but I’m glad you are doing well and have been successful thus far in life. My husband is an attorney too, here in Seattle.
    I truly wish you the best in your adventures in New York and with your growing family. I may have to come back and visit to see what you are up to again.
    Congrats on #2 by the way!

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