The Alternative Universe

There are times in life that make me pause and think, “what if?” It’s one of those exercises that everyone has gone through and it is usually a pointless task and waste of time. Life is what you make of it and considering what might have been is not something I engage in often. But occasionally, I can’t help myself and I think, what if………  

My experience so far in life is that it moves forward with the usual ups and downs, the weeks melding into months and, before you know it, years. But I can’t complain, things have fallen into place for me in my life and I am extremely grateful for all that I have. It has been the result of planning, timing, some luck, hard work and, I sincerely believe, part of a bigger plan out there that I am a part of.  I have been richly blessed in life and I sometimes don’t realize what I have until I am without it for a short time.

Yet, while I am thankful for all I have and as happy I am with my life, there are times that cause me to wonder “what if.” These flashback (flashforward may be more appropriate) moments rarely occur in the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, but occur at times nevertheless. These feelings come with ties to reality and the good and happy life I chose for myself, but I sometimes can’t help wondering how my life would have been should I have made different decisions than the ones I have. In my mind, part of the secret to life is knowing when to enjoy where you are with the people you’re with at that particular moment in time. Don’t get me wrong, success takes planning and a selfish focus at times, but living in the moment and recognizing its fleetingness is sometimes essential to happiness and gaining perspective.

In the real world, I have a life I have built that I am happy with. And when I am faced with these “what if” moments, I indulge for a moment, but I soon hear the whistle of the train telling me it’s time to go, for my life is moving on and I am happy to get on board.