Christmas On The Come Back

Another Christmas has come and gone. Each holiday season seems to come and pass faster than the last. And not one of them compare to the Christmases of my youth. But as a kid, Christmas was magical, with the anticipation and excitement of what Santa would bring, the break from school, and the time spent with family and annual traditions. This year Christmas came, we worked, we got together with friends and life went on. It was by no means a bad day – in fact, we had a good time. It’s just that the feelings I got around Christmas growing up are not the same as they are now. But there is hope. We have a child now and one more on the way. While they are young now, seeing Christmas through their eyes in a few years will bring the magic back. I have the chance to shape their Christmas memories and their image of how Christmas should be as one of their parents. It is an experience I look forward to. I have many fond Christmas memories from my youth and while it may never be the same for me again, it can be just as good for my children.


One Response

  1. it’s a shame that you have lost the christmas spirit and blamed it on adulthood. you need to change your mindset and look past the childhood memories. they are fond i’m sure, but your also not a child anymore. you need to find the magic and not place that burden on your children to do that for you.

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