Highlights of a Year in Review

2008 was a good year for me. I helped my daughter learn and grow and learned that there is one more girl on the way next year. I made several close friends, took all the necessary steps to purchase our first house, read 34 books on various topics (although the total is ten short from my total last year) and cultivated a particular interest in the current and future worldwide energy industry. I went on trips to Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, Minneapolis, Seattle and Switzerland, twice, for weeks at a time. I spent much of the year looking for a job, and in August, after a hard fought battle, I found what I was looking for. And it was just in time too, for I am not sure that I would have found my current job given the direction the overall job market has headed since September.

By far one of the most impressive things I witnessed thus year was the Opening Ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Although it was only from my couch with my cousin, it was an incredible sight. I also watched intently along with many other people the unfolding story of the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign and am proud to have been a part of history on November 4th. My online life and connections have expanded as has this blog. Last March I posted a short paragraph on this site regarding Dicky Fox, the fictional mentor from the movie Jerry Maguire. For some reason, that particular post has become by far the most viewed and most searched of any on the site. I had no idea there were so many other Dicky Fox fans out there. Overall, as I look back at this year, I remember laughing a lot, as with every year, but I also became frustrated with myself and with life more than I should have. And I didn’t make it to Japan for another year in a row, although each year I claim that this year is the year I will make the trip back.

Life has been good to me, but there are things I could do better for next year. Many of my 2008 goals remained unachieved and merely aspirations. 2009 will have to be the year that I complete what it is that deep down I know I must do. Happy New Year.

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