Capital One

This past weekend we made a big purchase on our Capital One Visa Signature credit card. After consultation at home and later in the store with the sales associate, we finalized what we wanted and I handed over my card. We have a large credit limit and so I knew the total dollar amount was not going to be a problem. She swiped our card and the words “Declined” immediately appeared on the screen. I thought it was odd since I knew that the card and the credit was valid; I had just used the card the day before with no problems. We tried again and again the card was denied. I was about to pick up my phone and call Capital One when my phone started vibrating. After confirming my identity, the caller from Capital One asked whether we were presently trying to purchase what we wanted for the final amount. I assured him that we were and told him that I thought it may be Capital One when my phone starting buzzing. He cleared the transaction and on the next swipe the card was accepted. I am not sure if Capital One does this for each of its card holders or only to its premium Visa Signature holders, but either way, it was comforting to know that there is someone looking out for us. Let’s hope that I never receive a call regarding a purchase that I am not making at that moment. And if I do, let’s hope I can stop it with their security call. Thank you Capital One.

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