Cloud Atlas Sextet

I recently finished a masterpiece of a book that contained stories that will stay with me for a long time. The book was entitled “Cloud Atlas”┬áby David Mitchell. I had heard of this book years ago when it was released and knew of its public acclaim, but only recently got around to starting the book. It goes without saying that even though I read a lot of both fiction and non-fiction, not every book is that memorable. But this book was different. What made this book intelligent, unique and memorable in my mind was that not only were the six stories contained in this book entertaining in and of themselves, but that the actual structure of the book subtly connected each story to the one before it and was unlike anything I had ever read before. Covering modern history, present day and even delving into futuristic sci-fi (which I never read), this book was truly creative. I am not a member of any book clubs, but I would think that this book would be a perfect candidate for such a club, as it was thought provoking and in some form, a commentary of mankind throughout time. It is a challenging book given the six different writing styles and takes some getting used to, but if you stick with it, it will reward you.