President Obama

I am again moved at how one man can unite so many people across this diverse country and across the globe. The scenes from Washington the past few days have been incredible and the celebrations have been historic. Today from coast-to-coast, in living rooms, conference rooms and cafeterias, citizens of this great country gathered together to watch the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States amid fanfare and tradition. I agree with some commenters that the Christian invocation at the start of the ceremonies was a bit antithetical in many respects to what this nation and President Obama stands for, even if I was not personally offended. But the momentous occasion this weekend was well deserved. For the first time in a long time Americans feel as if someone that holds their values, represents their background, and fights for their interests is now the leader of the free world. There are no special interests, no lobbyists, no behind-the-scenes puppeteers in the way between the people and President Obama. The hopes and dreams of many in this country now rest with him. He has set high standards and expectations for himself, many of which he has lived up to so far, to the surprise of many unbelievers. Let’s hope that as our President, he will continue his winning track record. That today is the start of eight years of healing, unification, rebuilding and responsibility is my hope for him and our country.

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