Turning Our House into a Home

Buying a house is definitely a big move, especially in this market. But it’s a move that my wife and I took this past Friday in New York. The process of obtaining a mortgage and buying the house was a bit stressful, but it is behind us now and we are happy with the property and hope to be settled in soon. The location means that we’ll have to buy a second car soon and we are having new furniture delivered tomorrow. There is no doubt that we are doing our part in propping up the economy during these touch times, and our bank account proves it.

On Saturday we had several people show up to help us move. Thank you everyone. My wife was a bit skeptical on Friday night that no one would show up the next morning, but I reassured her that we would get some help, if only a few guys. I had put out the word among friends the last few weeks and they responded in full force. At one point we had fourteen people there and were able to form an assembly line from the back of the truck into the house. With all those hands, we had everything in our house in no time. Getting it organized and in the proper place is another story, however. Although we have been in New York for almost five years, this provides us with a new start. We have a house now and I am proud to call it home.

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  1. Congrats on the house. I would have loved to been there to help with the move.

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