My 20 Random Things

As almost anyone on Facebook (FB) knows, the “25 Random Things About Me” tag has been rapidly making its way from person to person across the social-networking site. I have been tagged numerous times and have yet to respond once. The tag has become so pervasive that Slate has launched quite an amusing investigation to try to get to the bottom of the mystery. The way it works, essentially, is that you, once tagged, post a Note on FB detailing 25 random things about yourself for all of your friends to see. Once completed, you would then tag 25 of your friends to do the same. Despite my refusal to post my 25 Random Things, I have enjoyed reading the random facts and intricacies of my FB friends. So I will continue to boycott posting my 25 on FB, but thought I would put up a few random thoughts about myself on my blog instead. Without further ado, my list of 20 (instead of 25):

1. I have written in a journal everyday since April 1995 and must do so before I go to sleep. During my recent move, my box of journals almost broke my friend’s back – literally.

2. I am a pretty mellow guy and handle stress well. I rarely get mad and can’t remember the last time I lost my temper or really felt upset at somebody or something.

3. Last spring I joined a group and walked around the entire island of Manhattan in nine hours – a full 32.3 miles. I love walking and this was the ultimate walk. I plan to do it again this year. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me.

4. I lived in Hawaii for three years and miss many things about the uniqueness of the island life, culture and community. I have thought seriously about moving back there with my family one day.

5. Sports and physical activities were a huge part of my youth; I don’t remember a day growing up when I wasn’t physically active in some way. This is unfortunately not always the case nowadays.

6. I love reading books and have read about 80 of them in the past two years. Only time prevents me from reading more.

7. I had a speech problem when I was a kid and had a difficult time with my R sounds. I hated when people asked my name since most people couldn’t understand me when I replied, given that my name has two letter “R”s in it. After some speech therapy, the problem faded as a I grew older and my speech is almost never an issue today.

8. I speak Japanese relatively well, even though I haven’t been to the country since the year 2000.

9. I am a person of routines and find comfort in doing the same thing the same way day after day. This is true from my morning commute to my routine prior to going to bed. When I return home from work each evening, I find it hard to do anything until I have changed out of my clothes and tidied up around the house.

10. I work at a private equity firm as a lawyer, but hope to find my passion and life’s work one day.

11. One of my goals in life is to write a book and have it published. The book will probably be part historical and part memoir; I don’t think I am clever enough to write fiction.

12.  I married a doctor and can testify as to the pros and cons of two professional working parents. I hope to convince my daughters to choose neither medicine nor the law as a career path; both professions are not what they used to be.

13. I was raised in Federal Way, Washington and am proud to be from that area. It was a great place to grow up. Despite what people say about the weather in western Washington State, I firmly believe that it has some of the best weather in the country.

14. I love looking at maps and could spend hours studying maps of various cities. My appreciation for fold-out paper maps has been replaced by Google maps. I thought seriously about being a Geography major in college, but stuck with History instead.

15. I have a strong passion for man-made spaces and architecture, even though I doubt I have the skills to do anything about it. It finally dawned on me that this is probably largely why I enjoy visiting different cities and parks. On the flip side, I don’t find as much satisfaction in nature, although I would like to further develop that trait. 

16. I bought my first cell phone in 2003 and received my first BlackBerry in 2006. Now I can’t imagine life without either.

17. I am a big listener of jazz and R&B music. I enjoy listening to other types of music here and there, but agree with the statement that life is too short to try to listen to and appreciate music that you don’t like.

18. One of my favorite things to watch is the Summer Olympics. I am touched every four years when I tune in the Summer Games and hope to one day visit the host city while the Summer Games are in session.

19. I like having our cat, Neko, sometimes to my surprise. I was truly against getting a cat when the idea first came up, but soon learned to like her and would miss her if she were no longer with us.

20. One day I want to become a full-time teacher. From my experience, I believe that teaching would truly bring me satisfaction.


Postscript: The ironic thing about this list is that I have touched upon each of these twenty items in some form of another in one of my almost 250 posts on this blog over the past few years. Should I be concerned that I couldn’t come up with anything interesting about myself other than what I have already mentioned to the world via this site?


One Response

  1. Related to #15: I find this refreshing, as an architect. I take great interest in architecture and being IN a space and the feeling it creates. I love Washington DC because of this: the monuments each have a very different feeling. Most people don’t notice buildings and take for granted the interior spaces they create. I love that I not only notice them, but feel educated enough to critique them. I would love to visit NYC sometime to see some of the notable ones there.
    I am not so into nature either, although I enjoy a good landscape and a good sunset.
    I would add architecture to your list of professions to dissuade your daughters from. It is very much not what it used to be either and is romanticized ridiculously, when it is in fact driven by profit-hungry clients, uninformed citizen groups, etc. Unless you are a Gehry or a Calatrava, you rarely get to design what YOU want and the pay is not competitive with other professions that take equal schooling.
    I think being a teacher would be very rewarding as well, I have that on my “someday” list too…

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