The City by the Bay

I’ve been in San Francisco since Tuesday for business and have been busy, but I have also had a chance to explore the city in the evenings. It has been a few years since I was here last and I was looking forward to coming back to the Bay Area. After all, this is one of the cities that I always claimed I could live in. The first night I had free I decided to explore the Financial District, as it is near my hotel and my firm’s office. The place was dead. It livened up a bit as I entered Chinatown at Kearny Street, but otherwise I was a bit disappointed with my travels around the Embarcadero Center and the Financial District. After being in Manhattan for almost five years, everywhere I go seems small, unpopulated and quiet.

Until last night, that is. After work I headed up Market Street from my hotel and explored the shopping areas around Union Square. It was there that I found the San Francisco I was looking for. The area was bustling with people at 9:00 pm, there were plenty of locals and tourists out and about and what looked to be a great deal of interesting restaurants. One of my favorite places in Manhattan is Union Square, and ironically, I can now say that San Francisco’s Union Square is among my favorite places in the city by the Bay. Each Union Square has its own unique culture and feel, even if it is somewhat similar overall. It’s too bad the cities couldn’t have been more creative in naming their public spaces. I only have a short time left here in San Francisco, but hope to find at least one more area I enjoy before I head back to cold New York.


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