Facing Regret

The past week and a half has been an emotional one for me. Strong feelings that I have not had in years surfaced and the decisions from my past stared me in the face. I learned it can be difficult living with regret and I have delved into ‘what if’ moments in my mind on more than one occasion. In the big picture of things, I regret very little in my life and know I still have a bright future ahead of me. But the reality I now live in is what I must deal with, and I can say it is a happy one. I have been richly blessed in my life. Like with anyone, a few decisions years ago could have vastly altered my life now. But I cannot undo my past, and now I understand that I can live with that.

What was helpful for me to do, however, was express my feelings for what occurred years ago. I had lived with pent up emotions causing whatever regrets I had to grow more intense. I wanted a chance to get some things off my chest and say my piece. I have. And now I am finally at peace. I realized I must let go of the past and put my feelings behind me and move on. I can do that now and I thank the person that allowed me to do this. What if will always be there, but for where we are now in lives, happiness is in our future.


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