Friday Night Lights Out

Friday nights used to be special. It was usually a good day at school or work and always signaled the beginning of the weekend. I attended parties, sporting events or other special occasions. If nothing was planned, Friday was usually the perfect night to be spontaneous – go out to dinner, attend a movie, hang out late with friends and so on. Having kids made the scheduled and non-scheduled events harder to do, but I was always up for finding some way to make Friday night a little different than the rest of the week. After all, it was Friday night.

Now, I find that I am exhausted by the time Friday night comes around. It has nothing to do with age (despite my mention of gray hair below), but is rather the result of a life where I feel time is my enemy. Sleeping is a necessary activity that takes up too much time. The result of living such a hectic life is that I am left with about five or six hours a night to cram in some shut eye. Some days it’s sufficient. Some days it’s not. By the end of the week I am exhausted, and the ‘to do’ list never goes away. I know I am not the only one with this experience or rant. But it’s only Tuesday and I again can’t wait for Friday night lights out.


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