College Hoops Hits Home

College hoops season is here again. Like millions of other people, I have submitted my March Madness brackets and joined pools with coworkers, friends and family. I have watched this tournament with excitement each year since I was in elementary school and have always enjoyed the games as well as CBS’s One Shining Moment recapping the entire tournament, which I wrote about last year here.

But this year I am also keeping my eye on another college basketball tournament. The NAIA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship from Kansas City. Instead of 64 teams like the NCAA tournament, only 32 make the NAIA tournament, and most of the schools you have never heard of and are glad you didn’t attend. But my brother currently is in his last season as a starter for the sixth seeded team. In their first-round game yesterday, they pulled off a close win in overtime and move on to play again today. I couldn’t watch the game because they don’t stream the games live online for free, as CBS does for the NCAA tournament, but I can at least follow all the stats in real time online. Today could very well be the last competitive basketball game he plays in his life at this level. His college days are all but behind him and playing basketball at the next level is not a road he plans on pursuing. For the past many years, playing basketball has essentially been a full-time job, albeit one that kept him in great shape and came with many perks.

But regardless of what happens today on the court, win or lose, he’s had a great career. I will be following the game and rooting for his team online today. I’m proud of you, bro. Sorry I couldn’t be at more games.


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