She’s Almost Here

Sometime in the next week I will be a new father. Again. The nine months passed even faster this time than with our first baby. We are again having another baby girl and I feel like I can handle it, as I’ve been there before. Two years ago I remember thinking how much my life was going to change leading up to the birth of my first daughter. It did change, but it would be hard to imagine life without her in it today. I hardly remember what it was like without her, and it has only been two years. Two girls will be a handful, but I am up to the task. If nothing else, the biggest change will be for our first daughter, unaccustomed to sharing mom or dad or competing for attention. My first order of business when we return home from the hospital is to focus on her and teach her all of the wonderful things about her baby sister. With time, she will never know life without her younger sister in it. They will be friends; they may, at times, be enemies. And we will be their parents. After nine months of going about life without giving the growing baby girl in my wife’s tummy the attention she deserves (relative to baby girl number one), I am finally ready for her to come. Within the next week, I will be ready to welcome to the world _________. (We still need to find that perfect and fitting name.)


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