A Storm for the Next Two Years

I recently purchased the Blackberry Storm and thought I would post a review on amazon.com of my experience with the touchscreen device. And yes, I am one of those people who probably would have bought the iPhone had it been available on Verizon. But not wanting to change service providers, I did my homework and went with what I thought was the next best thing, especially with RIM’s launch of the App World. As it turns out, Verizon may be getting the iPhone after all. The bottom line of my review is that after some initial disappoint, I am now satisfied with the phone. The full text is below.  

Amazon.com Review

As merely a cell phone, the Storm would be mediocre at best. In fact, my prior LG clamshell phone was a better phone in terms of handling, use and overall experience. But the Storm was not designed to be merely a phone, and I didn’t buy it for that purpose. The Storm is a multimedia device, and after having the phone for three weeks now, I can say that I had my doubts, but am now satisfied and intend to keep the phone. I did my homework on new phones and went with the Storm once the Blackberry App World received glowing reviews within days of its launch on April 1, 2009. There is a learning curve with the Storm, but once you learn how the device works, it can be a useful and functional computer in your pocket. Many reviews complain about how buggy and slow the phone can be (and prior models and OS apparently were), but I have learned that the key to optimum performance for the Storm is managing the application memory. Close all applications properly, do an occasional battery pull (or get a free app to simulate one) and learn a few other tricks and you can have a wide-ranging multimedia device on a network faster than AT&T. Pandora is now available for free through the App World, which, as a music lover, is worth quite a bit to me. Not to mention the ability to take pictures with the Storm’s 3.2 mp camera and upload them on my Flickr account within seconds. Like I said – a multimedia device.

The instruction manual Verizon provides with the phone is virtually useless for anyone vaguely familiar with how a Blackberry works. But with an investment of time online at crackberry.com and a few other sites you too can unleash the Storm’s full potential. This is a strong touchscreen debut for RIM and the Storm will only get better with time (may I suggest a trackball/touchscreen combination).


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  1. I have kept an eye out on the possible Apple/Verizon deal. I too wanted an I-phone but didn’t want to go from Verizon to AT&T. Current contract is over in Apr ’10. Hopefully it goes through and it could lead to some healthy compeititon in lowering data plan prices.

    Oh and in non-blog related news, I met Lisa from Okinawa/BYU-H. small world.

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