It’s Automatic

The other night I heard a song that took me back ten years. The song is “Automatic” by Utada Hikaru and it is legendary in Japan. You see, ten years ago, in 1999, I was living in Sakai, Japan, near Osaka. We had just exited a long, cold winter and spring had finally come. The cherry blossoms had bloomed across the country and had already fallen to the ground, but the country was alive again. People hung out outside, doors and windows were continuously open, and everywhere I went I heard “Automatic.” Fortunately I liked the song, and eventually bought the CD, more as a memory of Japan than anything else. But now, ten years later, whenever I hear “Automatic” I can vividly recall walking into a Japanese McDonald’s or Family Mart or Lawsons and hearing “Automatic” blaring from the speakers. If I could create a soundtrack for my life, that song would be a part of the 1999 edition.

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  1. I think you *should* create a soundtrack of your life :]

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