En Español

You would think I speak better Spanish than I do given my last name, but I unfortunately feel like I can barely get by en Español. This past week I had the chance to interact with my uncle from Spain as he made a rare visit to the U.S. with my dad. Sure, I have studied Spanish for a short time, have spent six weeks in Mexico (years before the swine flu scare) and have traveled through parts of Spain, where my roots lie. But my Spanish was elementary at best and has been stagnant since returning from Spain in 2003. I want to speak better, but have instead focused my language efforts on maintaining my Japanese. Even now, I can be comfortable in Japanese for hours, but am embarrassed with my Spanish abilities. Yet, people have told me my Spanish isn’t bad and that I have a knack for languages. Perhaps I should focus on Spanish, given its utility in this country. The resources are out there for me to study and my commute provides ample time each week. Maybe next time I see my uncle or family member from Spain I can feel like I am actually communicating and not merely struggling to understand.


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