The Timepiece as Art

Since I have been periodically traveling to Switzerland for work the past many months I have become fascinated with watches. Switzerland is the gold standard for watchmaking, with Japan a distant second. No other country has a monopoly on displaying time like Switzerland. But it is not just my fascination with knowing what time it is constantly that has me interested in watches. Rather, I have become interested in timepieces as works of art and an everyday accessory. I almost always have my watch on, and for the past three years that watch has been a Citizen Eco Drive, a functional, yet elegant watch that has served me well. With no reliance on a battery, I have no intentions of letting go of it. But I am becoming ready for a new watch, if only to add something new to my wardrobe. The problem is that, like with so many other things out there, today’s selection of fine watches is overwhelming. My conundrum is whether I go with one of the many Swiss-made watches, and do my company’s homeland proud, or do I go with the only real competitors out there – the Japanese brands of Citizen, Seiko or Casio.

Most everyone has heard of Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer, but not everyone has heard of other fine Swiss timepiece manufactures, such as Jaeger Le Coultre, Chopard, IWC, Hublot, Patek Philippe, Piaget, Tissot, Maurice Lacroix, Ulysse Nardin or Audemars Piguet. Each of these manufacturers is a master in its ability to craft detailed timepieces. The technology as well as the craftsmanship in today’s watches has become so advanced that it truly can be considered a work of art. These watches are not cheap either. Although fine watch stores sit on every respectable corner in Zurich or Geneva, not everyone has the money to spend thousands of dollars on a watch. And neither do I. I am looking for function and style. I want a watch that does more than tell me the time. I demand that my watch now feed me information. It’s true that many people these days can look at their smartphones for the time, weather or up-to-date news (as can I), but I still enjoy looking at my watch strapped to my wrist. In thinking about style versus function, I have even considered getting a nice G-Shock watch for my next watch, evoking memories of the two years I spent in Japan with my men’s Baby-G watch. Or, the next time I am traveling to Zurich, I could pick me up a Swiss timepiece. Then again, I have been very happy with my Citizen watch and like their new collection of timepieces. What would you do?

3 Responses

  1. Ask your dad for one of his watches!

  2. Look…The Timepiece as Art

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