U.S. Soccer

As I sit here and watch the U.S. vs. Spain semifinal soccer match of the Confederations Cup in South Africa (I work at a European firm and so we can watch soccer in the office), I must say that my allegiances are somewhat mixed. If it was any other team besides the U.S. national team, I would be cheering for Spain, the home of my heritage and the current number one national soccer team in the world. But this is the U.S. we’re talking about, and I’m an American. I have always followed sports, but have rarely had a team that I truly rooted for consistently. Soccer at the national team level is the one exception. It brings out more passion in me than any other sport (and I know I’m not alone). With the U.S. up 1-0 at half, I must say that despite my affinity for Spanish soccer, I’m yelling ‘Go U.S.A.!’


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