Amazon Vine

I have been a fan of since 2001, when I made my first online purchase through Amazon. Back then, Amazon mostly sold books, CDs and DVDs, far from the range of products Amazon offers today. In the spring of 2001 I finished a book I really enjoyed (‘The Brothers K’ by David James Duncan, a splendid book, I might add) and it dawned on me that I should write a public review, which I did. Since that first review, I have written almost 200 more. And now it has really begun to pay off. I was invited to join the Amazon Vine Program, an initiative to have new products tested and publicly reviewed by loyal customers prior to the full product release, knowing how valuable customer and peer reviews are to potential purchasers. In exchange for agreeing to review products after use, I now have access to free products via Amazon. I can occasionally log on to the Vine newsletter and have any item still available shipped to me for free. At some point, I review the product and the cycle continues. This is even better than the library. I’m hooked. Thank you Amazon for rewarding your loyal customers and those reviewers that help make your site so great. You have (re)won over another fan.


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