A Greener Kind of City

I spent a few days earlier this week in San Francisco and for the second time in six months was struck with how much more environmentally friendly of a city it is compared to New York. Sure, New York has its proponents of living a green lifestyle, and it has made strides towards greenliness over the past decade, but San Francisco is noticeably leaps and bounds beyond New York. From my company’s San Francisco office to the Giants/Dodgers game I attended at AT&T Park to the dinner I had in Union Square, San Francisco, its public servants and its citizens are actively doing its part to help the environment. Who knows how much of an impact this will make in the big scheme of things, but such effort is, I believe, a step in the right direction and a model for other urban centers around the country.


One Response

  1. Yes, I never realize how much ahead we are until I leave the city. However, I was in Arizona recently, and was surprised by their environmental efforts. I saw recycling bins in hotel rooms and all over the place! Can’t say that about most places I’ve been to…

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