Fall Memories

This past weekend marked the six year anniversary of the weekend my wife and I first hit it off together. I will always remember it. It was fall, I had just started law school and love was in the air. The cooler weather and changing foliage each October always reminds me of those days. I used to walk around our university campus thinking, wondering what the future held for us. There was so much uncertainty in our lives at that time, but we knew we wanted to be together and were determined to make it work. We took a leap of faith and committed ourselves to each other.

Now, six years later, I look back at what we have accomplished together – two educations completed, two careers on track, two wonderful daughters, one house and almost six years of surviving in New York – and smile. While I feel we have a long way to go sometimes, we have certainly come a long way. If nothing else, we finally deserve a vacation, which is where we’re off to next week. Lake Tahoe, here we come. With the chance next week to step out of our hectic lives, I am ready to rekindle the fire and affection I felt that fall six years ago when I fell in love.


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