Postponed Getaway

Another vacation is here. While I have traveled quite a few times this year for work compared to the recent past, I have done so each time on my own. Tomorrow morning, I am on the plane with my wife and two young daughters. For a six-hour flight. To California. My prior flights have been spent reading and watching movies and television. But I will now have to switch activities every twenty minutes to keep the kids entertained for the duration of the flight. But we have been looking forward to this trip for months and I am glad it is here. It will be nice to get away and see family. Up until this week, my wife and I were even planning on leaving the kids with grandma and grandpa and getting away on our own for a few days. Given that our last trip together was literally years ago, I thought a few days together would be a needed getaway. Not surprisingly, that is no longer happening. It’s a money issue. We finally agreed (although it was a compromise on my end in the spirit of keeping the peace) that we would forego the mountain hotel resort together for a few day trips around town. On tap we have some shopping and dining; enjoyable activities, but not the hiking and relaxing I had initially planned. While I am sure we will end up enjoying the vacation (hopefully), this raised the question in my mind whether we will ever have a chance to get away on our own. This was supposed to be our chance, but I will now have to wait and see if I can convince my wife to spend a few days alone with me next year. If not, I may have to plan a one-man getaway on my own.


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  1. Jerry I hope you guys have a good time. Enjoy California. Love ya bro.

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