Year Thirty / Year Three

I am amazed at the power and speed in which you can reach out to people these days. This past week was my wife’s thirtieth birthday, and for several reasons, I hadn’t yet gotten her a gift. I had something in mind for her, but hadn’t had the time to pick it up.  On the day before my wife’s birthday I quickly posted a Facebook status update to the effect of, “Help, I need last-minute gift ideas for my wife’s birthday.” Within minutes the responses came rolling in. A trip to the spa was the most popular gift idea, although I knew that was not the gift to get for my wife. Time to herself was also a hit amongst the responses, but I also knew that was not the best idea. One friend even suggested a slip and slide (not sure what was meant by that). In the end, I did what I knew all along I was going to do. I left work early, went to a few stores in midtown and picked out some clothes at stores I knew she liked. I also picked up dinner and dessert before jumping on the train to head home. Despite all of her talk of not wanting a gift because of our recent vacation to California, I knew I couldn’t come home empty handed. Whether it was what she had in mind or not, I don’t know, but in the end she seemed satisfied and we spent an enjoyable evening together for her thirtieth birthday. Perhaps I should have put some more thought into her gift – should have planned months in advance and really pulled off something special. To those who believe that should’ve been my game plan, I can only say I’m sorry. I am fortunate enough to have an understanding and low-maintenance wife who was happy to spend her birthday at home with just me.

On a more personal note, this week marks three years since I began this blog. I am proud to say that, unlike 75% or so of personal blogs that stay dormant for months, I have continued to write an average of one post a week for three years. Readership is still small and I have made no effort to monetize the site through Google Ad Sense or any other means, but I have had my share of memorable posts over the past three years, some of which I may repost in the coming year. I just like to write and hope to continue this for the next several years. Let me know if you ever have any topic ideas, as that is the most difficult thing, I believe, about maintaining a blog – what do you write about day in and day out? I will resume coming up with ideas, but any thoughts are appreciated.

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  1. Always great to read about how you are doing and whats happening in your life. I would like to find the pictures of the family though. Please direct me to those. Have a Merry Christmas and hopefully we will see you in the year 2010.


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