Thanksgivings Past

Another holiday season is here, and I don’t feel ready. This is supposed to be a special time of year, my favorite time of year. It always was growing up. Now I have my own family and new traditions to create and uphold. Since coming to New York we have been the invitees to numerous Thanksgiving dinners, and the tradition will continue tomorrow as well. I look back at Thanksgivings past and fondly remember the year in college when I won a t-shirt for being voted the best dancer at the Thanksgiving Dinner party. Or the Thanksgiving I met my in-laws for the first time. Or the year we attended the Macy’s Day Parade on the Upper West Side. Or the Thanksgiving many years ago that I spent with extended family playing basketball and eating at a local church. I can’t believe this day is here again. I hope the traffic Wednesday night isn’t too bad as we head down to DC. I hope my wife and I don’t get in any arguments. I hope I can recognize all I have to be thankful for and that I can continue to do so in the year to come. I hope……..

Thank you.

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