A Model Citizen

I fly out to Switzerland again this evening and will be there for the next week. As always, I will do some window shopping and check out the beautiful and exquisite timepieces on display on every corner. Switzerland has built a lasting business on crafting all kinds of chronometers and I have enjoyed learning of the different manufactures of watches and timepieces since I began traveling there on a regular basis. There is no watch like a Swiss-made watch.

With that said, however, I currently do not wear a Swiss-made watch. For over the past three years, I have worn a Japanese-made watch, a Citizen Eco-Drive, as my daily watch. With its perpetual calendar, I have never once needed to reset the date, regardless of the month or year. As an Eco-Drive is powered by all forms of light, I have never even worried about replacing a battery. It has kept time beautifully and has served me well in a wide array of activities, from formal to casual. In time, I will have a Swiss watch that I wear daily, but for now, my Citizen continues to perform exceptionally. While I may admire the watches I see when in Switzerland, I will forever be a fan of Citizen.


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