A Year on the Go

2009 is almost in the bag, and with it, so is the busiest travel year I’ve ever had thanks to work and play. My travel year pales in comparison to those that travel frequently, but compared to my history of sporadic traveling, 2009 was a busy year for me. Here is the rundown of this year’s trips: 

  • January – Phoenix/Scottsdale for play
  • February – San Francisco for work
  • April – Guernsey, Channel Islands and Zurich for work; London for play
  • June – Washington D.C. for play
  • August – San Francisco for work
  • September – Zurich for work; Milan for play
  • October – Bay Area, CA for play
  • November – Las Vegas, Milwaukee and Portland for work; Boston and Virginia for play
  • December – Zurich for work.

2010 will also include some traveling. First off, I know that I will be going to Switzerland again at least twice and will likely head to San Francisco once or twice on business. Secondly, as this may be our last full year on the East Coast, we have some sightseeing to do up and down the coast. We also have some family vacations to plan. In the end, my list one year from now reporting on 2010’s travels may be longer the above. And that would not be a bad thing.


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