Tritonal – The Air Up There

Since this past September I have spent hours listening to “The Air Up There” podcast by Tritonal. It’s essentially a two-hour long podcast of progressive trance music. I have been listening to it when I walk to the train in the morning, as I read on the train to and from the City, when I work-out, and just when I want something to listen to. The music may not be for everyone and admittedly is not the best when you just want to relax or try to sleep, but it’s great to keep you moving at a rapid pace. The ambient sounds and great vocals mesh well with the breakbeats and trance music. I have been a fan of electronica for a long time and am glad I found this podcast. I have listened to some of the episodes dozens of times. Thank you, Tritonal, for the great work. 

I dare anyone who believes that electronica does not take talent to create to listen to The Air Up There. You can find it here and on iTunes

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