Snowshoeing the Alps

To be honest, I wasn’t that excited when I first heard what I would be doing. But I had no choice. I had to go. Sure, it seems great at first glance; you would be excited too if someone offered you the chance to go snowshoeing in the Swiss Alps. But the reality for me was that I would have to coordinate schedules, at home and at work, would be forced to bring a lot of gear for such a short trip to Switzerland and would have to leave my family at home for a week.

But I’m glad I went. I stand by the comments I made while on the mountain last Wednesday that a U.S.-based company would unlikely take their employees, inexperienced and fragile, down the steep mountainous and snow-clogged terrain of the Alps with no sense of direction or training. But that is why I work for a great company. With snow lightly falling atop a 5000 foot ridge, the only instruction I received was to make it down the mountain. It was great. I fell, I laughed and I improved my snowshoeing technique on the way. And as I was trekking down, I realized that I was unlikely to be snowshoeing again in the Alps anytime soon. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that cost me nothing.  I’m glad I came prepared. I’m glad I had the right attitude. I’m glad I made the decision I did in August 2008 when contemplating what it meant to join a Swiss firm. And I’m glad they still like me.


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