Appearances Matter

I moved out of my house and out on my own when I was eighteen years old. The job I had at the time caused me to start work early in the morning, meaning that I was able to leave work by mid-afternoon. After returning home, I would usually change and head out to explore the new city I was in, grab some food or run the errands life requires. After a while I realized that if I went out wearing a shirt and a tie I received so much more respect than if I wore my standard t-shirt and jeans. And so that was what I started doing many days. I would dress up for no particular reason other than to appear a little more educated, important and older than I was. It worked like a charm, and I had better overall customer service experiences in stores, restaurants and practically everywhere I went. Years later, I still put on a shirt and tie most days and head out the door. It’s second nature to me now and I sometimes forget that not everyone I know darns such garb except for special occasions. When called a serious family man with a serious job by my childhood friends the other day, I couldn’t help but smile, for some days, I feel anything but. But this goes to show that appearances matter.


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