My Sister

My younger sister was in town the past week to visit us and the City. I haven’t lived near my siblings since 1997 and, other than occasional visits, do not spend that much time with them. It was fun to have her stay at our home and have our daughters spend time with their auntie. With my sister, there is never a dull moment. I don’t know that I know someone who celebrates every little thing as much as she does. Every holiday, occasion or moment is a time to party and enjoy life. After having her spend six days in New York seeing how my wife and I live it was apparent that our lives are very different. Our lives are filled with long workdays while hers (it seems) are filled with vacation after vacation intertwined among days working at the salon. But she’s my sister and she’s fun to be with. We may never live close to each other, but we will, I hope, always remain close.


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