Life Without Power

The New York City area had a spectacular wind and rain storm come through on Saturday. Gusts in some places were up to 70 mph. Hundreds of thousands of homes lost power. Unfortunately, we were one of them. Saturday night with no power was fine, we lit some candles and the kids had a good time. By Sunday, though, we were ready to have the power back, as you might expect. Our lives were so disrupted. We had to find a way to save the contents of our refrigerator and freezer, we couldn’t go about our daily tasks and we had to save our cell phones from overuse because we had no way to charge them if they died. On Monday morning when we still didn’t have power, the situation sucked. Getting up and off to work was a pain and the day’s plans had to be redrawn. It’s amazing how much each one of us depends on the power grid for what we do each day – from myself to my one-year-old daughter – we’re all so dependent. Life without power is an entirely different life from what we know.

After staying in Manhattan with friends, we finally returned home last night with high hopes of having power. We were thrilled as we pulled up to our house and saw most of our lights on. On any other day I would have been rebuked for wasting electricity. But yesterday, we were just glad to have our power back. Thanks, ConEd, for finally restoring our lives.


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