A Philly Cheesesteak

Everyone has heard of Philly cheesesteaks, but not everyone has been to Philly just for the cheesesteaks. Well I did just that last Saturday and visited the well-know institution of Geno’s in south Philly. I was passing through Philadelphia after a day outside of the city with the family, but went out of my way to swing by and grab a cheesesteak on our way home. Of course, a trip to Geno’s, the open-twenty-four hours-a-day home to the Philly cheesesteak is no brief trip. But I should have known that on a Saturday evening there was going to be a wait. When I arrived I had to find parking in the old Italian neighborhoods, which was no easy task. I then had the full Geno’s experience – the line to order was a thirty minute wait. The only tables to eat at were the few tables outside of the restaurant. And the service was bad, if not downright rude.  But it’s worth it if you have the time, even if just once in your life. The cheesesteak was good (although I wouldn’t say it’s the best sandwich I’ve ever had), but it’s the overall environment that is just as much part of the experience. A visit to Geno’s is a visit to a piece of Philadelphia history and a institution among one the country’s largest and oldest cities. At least that is how I view it.  My visit to Geno’s in south Philly last weekend with my wife and two young daughters was about much more than just wanting a cheesesteak. It was about an experience that will be unavailable to us once we leave the east coast.

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