On Dancing

I have always loved dancing. How many guys do you know that can say that? I have never studied dance, couldn’t tell you the difference between a cha cha and a rumba, the waltz and the two step. I don’t really get into modern dance and have no interest in following it. But I love to dance. I love being on the dance floor with a good beat and friends that love to dance. I let the music carry me, my body reacting before my mind knows what it’s doing. Lights flashing, subs pounding and nothing but the people around you. There’s nothing like it. I enjoyed it in high school, in college, in law school and now, as another shark in a suit with two kids at home and almost 31 years old, I still love it. You want to see me smile, come dance with me. Feel the beat, let it take you away and it will only be you and me. Just you and me and the dance floor. Every once in a while, that’s all I need.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Jerry, you know other people can read this, right? I did always notice how you had a bounce to your step on the bball court.

    We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    ‘Cause your friends don’t dance and if they don’t dance
    Well they’re no friends of mine

    Steve and I will dance with you 5/27/11.

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