A Trip Back to the Mountains

I had the chance to visit Utah last week. I have spent two years of my adult life there and it was good to go back. It’s a unique place with a culture like no where else. But it is a beautiful place as well. As I drove around Salt Lake I was reminded of my short time at the University of Utah. At the time, I lived in literally the most eastern building in Salt Lake City. It was part of the University’s campus and served as athlete housing during the 2002 Winter Olympics. I was literally on the side of the mountain. This meant that I had a great view of the valley and a long uphill hike home each night. I remember those days fondly. There was of course the constant studying, but it was there in Salt Lake that I made the biggest decision of my life. I would leave my apartment in the morning and head west, straight down the mountain, the city spread out in front of me in a panorama. With the mountains to my back, I walked downhill, to class, to eat, to my future wife’s apartment. I walked everywhere. When it was dark, I returned uphill, pausing occasionally to look back and admire the lights in the valley below me. I lived on the foothills and had the whole city beneath my feet. I currently work near the top of a large building in New York City with a great view. But it only appears when I am in the office, I don’t hear, touch or experience the view. I merely view it. The year I spent in Salt Lake I lived the view. And I will never forget it. That life comes back when I return to the foothills.

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