A Decade of Declining Vision

Ten years ago this month I had my eyesight “fixed” by Lasik. The surgery had only been commonly applied in the U.S. for a few years by that time and I was able to get a discount on the surgery thanks to a family friend ophthalmologist. After wearing glasses since the seventh grade I was more than ready to get rid of my glasses for good. The results of the surgery were amazing. I remember my vision the months after the surgery – it was like I had x-ray vision things looked so sharp to me. It truly was 15/20 vision. Needless to say, I was happy with my new self and vision.

Fast forward ten years. College and law school are behind me. I have read thousands of pages of text on computer screens and dimly lit trains and I have watched hours of television and movies. I am proud to say that I still don’t wear glasses. That is, however, except when I do.  I wear glasses these days to drive, often when I watch television or movies and anytime I believe sharper vision would help. I’ve had my glasses for about three years now. The prescription is relatively weak compared to what it was, but a completely glasses-free life did not last through the decade. My hope is that my vision does not get worse. I can live with my current state, but returning to an all-glasses-all-the-time life is not appealing. This has only been the first ten years. Only time will tell what the coming decades bring.