Four Years Out

It is no wonder every conference I attend or hear of has a section on ethics. In my line of work, I feel as if I am placed in a quasi-ethical dilemma every day. Do I let the presentation go ‘as is’ knowing that it violates the rules? Do I insist on changes even though we have been doing things the wrong way for years? Will any harm come from not making a few minor changes? What are the chances that any thing I review comes back to bite us? These same questions are tossed around my head on a daily basis as I review materials our marketing team uses. How did I get into this line of work? Two years ago when I joined this firm I never thought I would be in this position. But that’s often how career paths work – one thing leads to another and before you know it you have some knowledge and are an expert in a field.

When I was in law school I remember looking at job posts for the class of ’03 and ’04 knowing that if I could just get some experience I would then be marketable a few years out. Just like that, I have now been out of school for four years. But it is a very positive sign that I have not once started thinking about finding another job since I started with my current firm two years ago. I am not one that is usually content with these types of things, yet I am content with my current job and the role I play and the direction it’s headed. Don’t get me wrong, ethical dilemmas are part of the job, but I am happy to have this particular job – a statement I would have never guessed I would truly mean.


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