Car Audio Remembered

Maybe it’s just my age or the fact that I spend most of my days in New York City or even today’s gas prices, but it seems that there are fewer people into car audio than there used to be. There was a time, not too long ago when I was in high school, when much of my attention went to car sound systems – what brand speakers a car had, how large were the speakers, how many watts, what type of deck was running the whole system up front, etc. I didn’t have a nice car audio system then (and I don’t know), but a few of my friends did. I have great memories of summer nights, just like tonight, driving around my hometown in my friend’s car with no particular destination in mind listening to good music. Those were the days.

But now, I don’t really care at all. I still like music and all and enjoy driving to my tunes, but who really cares. A stock car audio system these days is just fine. Funny how things change.

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