The Three Year Old

Our oldest daughter is now almost three-and-a-half years old and she’s quite a character. It’s amazing – my wife and I each donated half of our genes and we created this feisty, stubborn, intelligent, adorable little person. And she certainly is her own person. She already has a developed personality and will talk your ear off. Although some days I am more than ready for her bedtime, there are many days I look forward to seeing her too, which cannot be everyday given my work schedule. She is talkative, inquisitive and can be the funniest little thing ever. She is different from our youngest daughter, although their stubbornness gives them away as sisters. The youngest is more independent and daring, both traits I worry about in the future. She doesn’t speak yet, but has learned how to communicate in her own way.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am a lucky father of two cute, healthy, happy girls. The other night my wife and I each put a kid on top of our shoulders and danced around to music while the kids cracked up. It dawned on me then that as many worries as I think I may have in life, I have it pretty good too. My worries are not those of most of the world. I have been blessed and I am grateful. My girls remind me of that and keep me in check. There are always memos to write in the office, more work to be done at home, more exercise to do, but sometimes you have to stop, put your three-year-old on your shoulders and dance.


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