Constant Construction (repost)

I wrote the below post more than two years ago. But on a day like today, it bears worth repeating:

Several years ago a professor told me to be cautious of any institution that is not constantly under construction because a lack of construction meant a lack of improvement and potentially money. I have kept his statement in my mind since and believe it has relevance across the board. Let me explain.

Construction, as used in this instance, is the destruction or disposal of existing infrastructure, processes, procedures or tradition while upgrading, evaluating and improving what was in its place. A company may decide to upgrade its technology or procedures, both of which can go far in improving morale and employees’ experience with the company, but if it is also not constantly reconstructing and evaluating how it does business, how management interacts with employees and how talent is attracted and retained, the company will have problems. It’s just a matter of time.

Our relationships with our spouses and ourselves must also be constantly under construction with the goal of improvement in mind. In short, maintaining the status quo should be seen as concern, especially when it continues for long periods of time. Change for the better is hardly easy. But it is worth it, especially when that change leads to healthier, more productive companies, relationships, facilities, careers and lives.


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  1. i agree with that 🙂

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