HTC Droid Incredible

The below is the review I just posted on Amazon for my new HTC Droid Incredible:

I echo what so many other reviews have said about this phone – great device in so many ways, not so great battery life. The hardware is nice, great screen and good functional buttons across the bottom. But the hardware is not where this phone distinguishes itself. After spending the last two years with the BlackBerry Storm and RIM’s OS 5.0, moving to Android 2.2 is so satisfying, especially since I am no longer doing battery pulls throughout the day. I finally feel like I arrived at the app party, as the BB App World just wasn’t doing it for me. And while I was sad to leave BB Messenger (the strongest reason to stick with BB for your personal device needs and the only thing that is keeping RIM alive outside of corporate email), I easily found an app that essentially replaces BBM for free. The Android Marketplace is easy to navigate and includes anything you would want, and often multiple versions of it. And while it is true that Android OS makes this phone what it is, users also get the benefit of the HTC user interface. In my mind, the HTC Sense interface is why people love this phone more than anything Motorola puts out. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with my switch and there is little I would change with this phone. I have customized this phone and this will be my can’t-live-without device for at least the next two years. To beat the battery issues, I have taken to bringing my charger with me to work and charging it fully before I leave for the day in addition to charging it over night. Yes it’s a pain, but this is what’s necessary when you must always be connected. When I think back to my first cell phone seven years ago, it is incredible how far we’ve come.


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